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Run 3 Unblocked Game:

Run 3 is really an excellent and addictive game to play and enjoy. And it is so great when playing this cool game in your break time with friends, isn't it? However, we know that most of the schools block gaming sites and run 3 to prevent their students pay too much attention to this game. For this reason, it is very difficult to play run 3 at school.
Don't worry! You still can enjoy this game anywhere you want with our run 3 unblocked version on With this version, there is no school or any other areas can stop you enjoying your favorite game.

About Game

Run 3 or also known as Run Mobile is the third installment of series of Run game that was created by Player 03 and published on June 5, 2014. This is one of the most addictive video games that attracts the attention of millions of players around the world right after its release date.


Taking place in a series of tunnels in space, in run 3, the players will control an alien that runs automatically. The main mission is to run as far as possible in these tunnels while avoiding all the obstacles on the way. With the same gameplay as two previous installments, however, in Run 3, it offers some enhanced mechanics. In detail, there are some new obstacles like Crumbling tiles, Ramps, darkness, and the ability to re-enter the tunnel after jumping out of it. These things make the game become more challenging and attractive than the previous games.
In addition, this game also offers a new currency called as Power cells. This currency is primarily earned in Infinite Mode, but it is also awarded from earning achievements. Power Cells can be used to unlock new characters, their costumes, and purchase upgrades in the Shop. However, in this game, the Bonuses from Run 2 no longer exist and the Boxes also no longer appear in the middle of the tunnel.
At this time, in run 3, there are total 10 playable characters, more than 20 playable tunnels, and 309 levels are published and available to play. Each character and tunnel has its own characteristic and personalities.

Game modes

There are two main modes in Run 3 including Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Each of them has its own unique core features.
  • Explore Mode: This mode is the main attraction of Run 3 because it contains an interesting story. In addition, most of the playable characters, as well as the winter and Halooween costumes, can be unlocked while playing in this mode.
  • Infinite Mode: This mode contains the pre-made levels in a random order. In this mode, your progress is not saved between levels, so, the main objective of the players is to finish as many levels in a row as possible. In fact, this mode is created to serve the purpose of collecting power cells.

Playable characters

As mentioned above, there are total ten playable characters available in run 3 including RunnerSkaterLizardChildBunnyGentlemanDuplicatorPastafarianStudent, and Angel. Each character has its own ability and personality that are suitable to beat some certain levels in this game. In these characters, only Runner is the starter character and you can use her right when starting the game. In addition, the rest ones need to be unlocked by using power cells.



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